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Lets talk- : Friends- Jamming- Bearings -Stearings and Life

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The Story Begins Here -- From Shimla To Rekang Peo

We started from Shimla on the rainy morning on 8th of may 2003, with my friend Vineet Gautam. Though the weather was not very friendly to ride in the trans Himalayan area but out of sheer excitement we decided to start early in the morning. the plan was to get to Rekang peo, stay there for a day or two and look around places like Sangla. So we started from Shimla in wind and mist and the rain seemed to follow us. But the excitement of my first trip into the region was too much to be affected by the rain. Gautam was riding his 350cc Bullet pretty old but well maintained though tyres on his bike were not so promising. I rode my Bajaj Pulsar 180cc. The bike was new and in perfect condition and ready for the bashing of the Himalayas. We stopped at Rampur to gather some spares for the bikes, that included a foot pump in case we had a puncture. We had lunch at Jakhri and finally we entered Kinnaur from Shimla. The road was small the weather was good and we were enjoying the ride. We used to stop at regular intervals to see the landscape and the Sutlej river deep down under. The ride was good though the road was in bad condition due to recent rain continuing from the last week or so. Finally in the evening we reached Rekang Peo. Situated on the foot of Kinner Kailash. The first view at the massive snow covered mountain was breath taking and got embedded into my mind instantly. That day we stayed at Gautam's elder brother's place. We spent the evening cooking and talking about the beauty of the place. Even at night I was able to look at the beautiful mountain in dim moonlight. The Story Begins Now. Relaxing after dinner we were planning for the next day. The plan was to go for a short drive to Sangla, Chitkul and near by places. Looking at a map (not to scale) taken from a auto magazine we saw some photographs of spiti valley and places on the way. Instantly the plan was there the distances were mapped and the route was changed. We were going to Key Monastery and Kibber (The worlds highest motor able village). The only concern was the road that was provably closed due to rain and landslides. We were positive and were determined to make it or go till the point luck and the road will be drive able.

Day Two Rekang Peo To Pooh

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