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Day Two--
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From Rekang Peo To Pooh

Day 2
Rekang Peo To Pooh

Day 2. 9th of May 2003 The weather the silence the chill or the alarm clock, I don’t know what knocked me off the bed early in the morning and I could not stop myself from looking at the mountain in the rising morning sun and the view was amazing. The day started with packing our bags for the journey ahead. When we arrived at the only petrol pump in Rekang Peo the news was not very good. The road ahead was closed due to landslide and the update from local sources was mixed the worst information was that we could only go 17 km ahead and the best one was that bikes wont be a problem and we can go all the way to Spiti. The sources being the locals and taxi drivers. Well the journey began and the excitement of what was going to happen next and how far will we would get was on our nerves. We clicked some photographs on a wooden bridge and a crossed a 3km stretch full of mud so difficult to cross that in between sometimes it felt as if turning back will be a better idea. Once we were on the other side of the muddy road our confidence started to fly and the bikes started getting in tune with the road. Before noon we crossed our first major stream. It was one adventure in itself as we tried to get to the other side one by one, then finally we crossed it with wet shoes and jeans in the cold water of the stream. By noon the first hurdle was in place a massive landslide had covered the road luckily the army was on it already and in a quarter of an hour the road was opened. The traffic was stranded there from last two days finally we got to move and we overtook most of the trucks and jeeps . The road was still muddy and very slippery. We road for another two hours when the rear tyre of the Enfield got punctured. Well with full confidence on the side of the road we tried, we took the tyre off the tyre and tried to patch the puncture thrice but all in vain. The puncture liquid dint work or we dint know how to do it right. Finally after wasting around an hour and a half and on the advise of a army Lieutenant who was more than happy to stop and offer help we decided to go back 14Km on my pulsar and get the tyre repaired at a local shop. While going back we had the feeling that this was it and we should move back to Rekang Peo but luckily none of us put the thought into words. We got the tyre repaired, fixed it to the bike and started again. The road was very muddy and most of the trucks were already ahead of us. The road was so slippery and muddy that the trucks were getting stuck and caused long traffic jams. We managed to overtake the traffic once again and on the advice of a local guy we decided to stop at Pooh. Stay at Pooh was amazing the view from the top of the village was un-believable. In the evening we trekked to the top of the village. The landscape and the view from the top was one of the best I had ever seen .In front of us was a huge valley so huge that it did not come into sight at once. Though it was getting dark and cold we sat there and enjoyed the felling of the place. It was my dream place and much more beautiful than I had ever imagined. After having Momo and stock soup we went to our guest house, discussed the day and congratulated each other on our first victory. Something inside was telling us that now there was no looking back. The only thing worrying us was the speed of the journey as we had to wait for long time before the army bulldozers cleared the road and we could move ahead still we were the fastest ones as we used to cross the landslides as soon as the road was opened enough for a bike to pass at times we crossed stretches just a feet or so broad just enough for the wheels and one foot supporting the bike and the river was like miles down any way's crossing the landslides and looking down was out of question .

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Day Three Pooh To Siziling

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