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Day Three
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From Pooh To Siziling

Day 3--  10th May
Day 3-- 10th May
Pooh To Siziling

The day was one of the best and the longest .We started early and got one small land slide where the bikes had to be all most lifted to the other side thanks to the army jawans who helped us do that the drive till Maling after that was great. The steep turns at KA were a pleasure to ride on. It was a perfect test of man and machine. Half way up we met some gaddies with their sheep walking down the pass and clicked some photographs.
We reached the diversion for Nako Lake by noon. There was the bad news. Maling (one of the most dangerous stretch of road in Asia) was closed an army guy told us that it will take at least 3-4 hours to clear the land slide. So we moved up to Nako Lake.
The lake was small but very beautiful. We trekked around for an hour or so and then hunger stuck. We came down to Maling and had lunch at a dhaba. Then we proceeded down to the main danger zone. We found tens of trucks and jeeps stuck there. The weather was also getting bad. As we had Tea in a road side tent we came to know that the road has been closed for the last 7 days. Well we parked our bikes and started walking towards the main block we were interrupted by a Javan that they were going to blast the rock so we should stay on the side. There it went loud roar of the dynamite filled the whole valley as we saw big boulders blasting and falling down into the gorge and man it was deep. Finally the Bull Dozer came into picture and the Sardar Ji on that machine were amazing. He used the machine to the fullest and one by one pushed huge rocks. What a job he was doing. We enjoyed see him work. Then to our surprise it started to snow. Both of us looked at each other and we realized it was mid May and it was snowing. Trouble seemed to come our way and we had a decision to make weather to move forward after the road opens or return back as we did not want to get stuck on the other side of Maling for days to come as if it snowed Maling would get closed once again and for days. We decided to go ahead. We tried to give company to the brave guy as he moved his dozer.
Finally the road came into existence and the guy looked at us and said (Kaka hun ta tuse nikal jao ge) guys you will be able to get through now. Those were the happiest words that we had ever heard. Though the road was not yet clear we got our bikes half way to the slide. It was difficult as the road was slippery; it seemed as if the whole nala was flowing on the road and most of all big stones coming down from one side. Following us was a guy from Delhi with loads of stuff on his Yamaha 135. He slipped and he slipped bad. He almost flipped over and was caught by the labor guys working there, else that was the end of his story. We waved off to him to come with us but he seemed to be too shy or may be in shock after the whole incident. On our way back we enquired that he returned back that day.
Finally the road was made and we were the first ones to enter the Spiti valley after 7 days. We were in great spirits and the drive after that was great except one place where due to rain one nala had silt around 6-8 feet tall.

Well # Make your Own Road!!
After trying a couple of times to get the Bullet on the other side we failed as the silt was so loose that the whole tyre used to get stuck in the mud .Then finally we found a way There were a couple of metal sheets (ones used to make sheds) on the other side. Here it was we got 2 of them to this side on foot. Put one on the silt got the bike on it, got the other one ahead of it and slowly moved the bike forward. Again put the one behind in the front and move the bike. Finally!! both the bikes were on the other side filled with mud our shoes were like bricks due to mud stuck on the sole. Man that was one experience that I’ll never forget.

Then the ride till TABO Monastery was good and fast. We finally arrived at Tabo . I was expecting one of my cousin brother to be there as he was a Doctor posted in the local health center in Tabo but he had gone back home for vacation . We were stopped by a well dressed man and invited for tea. We were delighted by the kind of hospitality that we got there. As we sipped tea we came to know that the friendly guy was a administrative officer who was stuck in Tabo for the last 7 days due to the landslide in Maling and he was so happy to see us "Has the road opened?" he asked, I told him that Maling was open but I wasn’t shore if any vehicle could make it through the nala with silt .
The wrong decision:
Well I looked at my watch and it was 5:30 and it was bright so we decided to move ahead and go to Kaza.
Well we started off and met the first obstacle. It was a long nala again full of mud. We had to push the bikes over. Then came the next one and then one more. Kaza was just 27KM from Tabo. By 7:00 we had only done like 12 KM the road was getting worst and it got dark and above it small rocks were flowing like water from one side of the road. Finally we met some passing by workers who told us that we have to be crazy to ride a bike in this area and that too in the dark. They suggested that we should stay at Siziling that’s was just 3km from there.
Finally we landed up in Siziling we were freezing, our feet wet bikes in bad shape no place to stay. I reall felt that we were in some kind of trouble. As we rode through the village we realized that it was a small village without any electricity and just a couple of houses. The only shop had closed . So we were also out of food. Then came a short guy who got our story without even telling him a word. He was another doctor doing research in natural medicine. He got us to a guesthouse and got the Lama Ji to give us biscuits for dinner from the shop. So we were in a deserted guest house , no lights, had biscuits  for dinner and slept.

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Day Four Siziling to Key

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