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Lets talk- : Friends- Jamming- Bearings -Stearings and Life

Day Four
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Siziling To Key

 Day Four   May 11
Day 4- 11th of May
Siziling to Key

Day Four-- May 11.. Right in the morning the owner of the guesthouse brought us tea as we went out we were amazed to see the view. It was really cold but the view was awesome. We could see the Danker monastery and snow covered mountains right above us . Well we started the bikes when I found that I cannot move the bike at all reason mud in the front wheel had expanded to ice between the mud guard and the tyre and the tyre was jammed. After long 45 minutes of digging and boring I finally got the wheel free . Finally we got on the road again. The ride till Kaza was difficult but we enjoyed it. The road was bad muddy and slippery but we were quite experienced now and the bikes were totally under our control. Finally at around 11 am we landed up in Kaza. Had food, made phone calls and then started for Key monastery. We reached the monastery and it was cold up here. We got a room in the monastery the lamas there were very hostile and we sat in the cozy kitchen and had Tea. It was 2 in the afternoon when we decided to trek to Kibber(The highest motor able village in the world) The road was silent no body there at all just the road snow and frozen waterfalls. We walked all the way took some short cuts and finally we were at the door of the village. The village was quite big surrounded by potato fields. There were some farmers plowing their fields using yak’s. That day I saw such amazing places that even today when I close my eyes and think about them they are as clear as a photograph in here. Then we descended back to the monastery as Lama Ji at the monastery told us that we need to get back before 7 as dinner is served then and we did not want to take any chances today. We had TIMO and Dal for dinner. While having food we got in conversation with Guru Ji -The teacher in the monastery his name is Shring. He is a wonderful man totally in love with the place, runs a international NGO at Tabo to keep it clean. He invited us to his room for tea we had tea and then he told us stories about the Monastery and the life in Spiti. Well we found a good friend up in the Himalayas. We chatted till mid night or may be later finally we slept at his place itself. In the morning the good news was that Shring was blessed with a son and he was leaving for TABO to see his wife and family.

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Day Five From Key To Rekang Peo

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