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Lets talk- : Friends- Jamming- Bearings -Stearings and Life

Day Five
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From Key to Rekang Peo

Key To Rekang Peo
Day-5, 12th of May

We had breakfast at the monastery and finally started our journey back. We started early and it was really cold. Came down to Kaza got fuel for the bikes and started our journey. The weather was good rather it became hot as the bright sun started burning us.
That day we really drove fast. The road was fine except some minor land slides and a major nala. It took us more than an hour to cross that 10 meter nala. I gathered all the courage I had and ventured into the stream. The water was ice cold and so fast that the bike seemed to be going to one side. The water was so high that when I was in the middle water rushed between the fuel tank and my legs. I was so afraid that if the bike stops in between i'l be dead. But with full throttel in 1st gear and the clutch handling the bike I made it through. What a experience it was I still remember the scene when I was right in the center of the stream and there was water every where. The stream looked like one big river.
We reached Rekang Peo that day in the evening. It took us 3 days to get there and just 1 to get back .

13th of May
The next day we rode back to Shimla. Stopped at Tapari to see one of my friend from Shimla and were welcomed by the rain near Rampur. We were totally wet by the time we reached Narkanda.
Well so that was the journey. We stopped at a roadside dhaba just outside Shimla. Gautam and me , we discussed the whole experience. I was just 7 Km from my home but I was feeling if we could stay on the road for just one more day. We felt that we had a bond of brotherhood between us and that we are going to miss each other once we get home. Well every end is a new beginning !! agreeing to that we went home. We discussed that the next journey should be Ladakh . So dreaming of Ladakh and much more to come we reached back home.


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