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Lets talk- : Friends- Jamming- Bearings -Stearings and Life

The Moterbike Story

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The Moterbike Story
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My Bike has been more than a machine to me. It has been a budy who takes you places, and a friend in whose company you never get bored.

Riding in the himalyas is real fun and adventure. The roads are bad at times and at times there are no roads at all. Thanks to the Indian Army they mentain the roads and keep them opened even in rain and snow. Well Mother Nature at times can put even the best riders standing on their toes especially when crossing streams that have ice cold water comming from glaciors above and the chill penetrates deep into your legs as soon as you touch the water and its party time if the water is high, that happens specially in the evening.

      This happened with me once in Kinnaur when my friend Vineet Gautam and me we were comming back from a adventoures tour from Key Monestory. The Water in the stream near Rekang-Peo got so high that it was difficult to cross it on our bikes. I;v talked about it in detail in the next part.

Imagine motorcycling on the road below...