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Lets talk- : Friends- Jamming- Bearings -Stearings and Life

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I Find Nirvana In The Mountains
    Hi welcome to my site. Most of it is dedicated to Himachal , The Himalyas, Rock Music and some things that life has given me and I am so greatful to share them with the rest. There are somethings that make us diffrent from others and give us our identity ,Then we find people with similar notes and we become music.  Im trying to potray some of these notes in here so if you think that you sing on the same notes do get in touch .
I'v Included some places I'v visited, some things I'v done and some people I'v met and some notes that I sing.
 So lets start with a engine roar. Promice that We'll Never Rust In Peace. So Far So Good So What !!!!! there is always more to see, to listern, to learn,to cherish, to enjoy and more to live !! the wonderful life that we have.
Please send me any Stories Pitures or experiences that I can add in here

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Pangong Tso Lake (Ladakh)